We created a strong brand for Kiddie Groove which is coherent through the website, social media marketing and other platforms to create an identity. This FUN brand is presented through the use of colourful and exciting promotional images; along with a seamless customer experience journey to book online through the website.

Kiddie Groove

Objectives & Requirements

  • Many customers were shown to browse the previous website on mobile phones, so it was important to ensure the design was responsive and easy to navigate.
  • Bespoke website design which demonstrates the essence of FUN at Kiddie Groove.
  • Simplify the process of customers signing up to classes.
  • Extensive SEO work to ensure rankings were boosted in local areas.
  • Improved branding across social media channels.

Powerful Imagery

By creating AMAZING imagery, we are able to easily captivate customers and encourage them to engage with the business and the brand itself. All elements of graphical marketing fit together perfectly to create a memorable brand.

The presence of magic within the brand gets both children and parents exciting for taking part in Kiddie Groove classes and events alike. VYSON Creative has worked with Kiddie Groove to create powerful event marketing to stay on brand.

Kiddie Groove
Kiddie Groove


We work closely with Kiddie Groove to provide branding, advertising and promotion for their events which they run each year. These FUN and engaging brands are originally made and developed by VYSON Creative and provide a coherent story which customers can follow, from booking tickets; through to branding on-site.

When promoting events, we modify sections of the Kiddie Groove website to allow online ticket bookings, and brand areas of the website to suit the theme of each years show. Our most recent work was on ELEMENTS, which allowed us to tell a themed story about Halloween and finding all of the elements to break the spell on this magical adventure…